Purchased handmade items are delivered by domestic or international cargo company. As the product collected by the cargo company, you are informed with a conformation e-mail.

All the artworks should pass quality control tests before delivered to the cargo company. Then a strong packaging applied to protect and keep away the valuable cargo from any damage.

In case of problems that may occur during delivery and dispatch process, in order to provide you any solution by our customer relations, you should open the package while delivery person is with you and if there is any problem, you should immediately report to our company.

If there are any traces of breakage, crashing, damages on the package, you should not take delivery of your cargo and you should issue a damage assessment report signed by the delivering person and reject to receive the package.

Products claimed to be damaged are not changed if there is no assessment damage report issued and signed both by you and the delivering person. If the package is rejected and a damage assessment report issued and signed, you should relay the information to our company, about the problem occurred along with the copy the damage assessment report.